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💥 Stop Starting and stay on track with Lisa each month

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💥 Stay accountable with other woman on the same journey!

💥 Uncover ways you might be sabotaging yourself after the retreat

💥 Leave each group session feeling renewed and inspired to stay on track!




Join us for healing in the crystal clear waters of the serene Caribbean this May to discover how to:

*Renew your mind
*Upgrade your body
*Heal your soul

Your spirit can shine!!!

You only get one:

🤯 Mind.
Let’s make it work for you instead of against you. Discover how to train your mind to think as crystal clear as the Caribbean waters that will be surrounding you.

🏋🏻‍♀️ Body.
Which is not “a” temple or even your temple. It’s God’s temple that your spirit is borrowing to walk around in during your time on earth. You will upgrade this temple as your spirit takes in the beauty of nature's gym on the private white sand beach and oceanside yoga Shala.

❤️ Soul. 
This is where all of your feelings, emotions, and past emotional wounds are stored. You will heal all of your soul wounds so you no longer carry the weight of them into the future under the blanket of a starry night while laying on the soft warm white sand listening to the waves rolls in, feeling the soft Caribbean breeze caress your body as you smell exotic flowers and ocean water in the air.

    You will leave Worthy Woman Wellness Retreat with a transformational healing of your mind, body, and soul


    Your spirit WILL shine through making life the way God meant it to be—


    This trip changed my life!

    What's Included!

    • 4 nights ocean view accommodations at Villa Serena, a hidden gem, oceanfront boutique hotel in the Dominican Republic's most beautiful part, on the northern coast of the Samana Peninsula.  
    • ​All meals included and prepared with fresh, local, organic ingredients while dining on the oceanfront terrace (excluding beverages and alcohol).
    • ​Daily fitness training, yoga, meditations and healing techniques you can use at home.
    • ​Kayaking, biking, snorkeling, hiking along the serene private beach, and swimming in the outdoor oceanfront pool.
    • ​Lisa's signature food list to jumpstart shedding 10 lbs in two weeks.
    • ​One-on-one coaching session with Lisa Ceizyk.
    • ​Transportation from airport to the hotel by Villa Serena.
    • ​Retreat online group to get to know each other, arrange airport transportation together and support each other after the retreat!
    • ​50% Discount for Lisa's coaching programs when you sign up during the retreat.

    What's Not Included

    • Airfare
    • ​Additional activities
    • ​Beverages, alcohol and extra snacks available for an additional charge


    On this intimate retreat you will be enjoying an air conditioned Victorian style ocean view room with a jacuzzi tub & terrace, under coconut trees, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and the splendor of virgin nature enveloped by the sound of the sea, and the palm trees singing in the wind as a small island floats in front of you while the waves break around on never ending coral reefs. 

    Lisa will truly make Villa Serena feel like home as we enjoy daily meals together on the oceanfront terrace, fitness sessions, yoga, meditations and healing sessions, engaging in deep conversation as we relish the sights, sounds and smells surrounding the secluded small boutique hotel. Re-Fire your mind, body and spirit at Villa Serena! You ARE worth it. 


    Lisa Ceizyk began her career as a fitness trainer at the age of 45 after losing 80lbs. Expanding on her enormous success, she introduced a new platform combining mind, body and soul fitness. Using elements of inspiration, nutrition, and personal training with her degree in psychology, expertise in healing work and her experience as an addictions counselor, she has transformed not only her own life but the lives of thousands of other women of all ages.

    A highly sought-after personal trainer, host of The Potty Mouth Preacher podcast, certified women’s empowerment and healing coach, retreat leader, Lisa lives in Nashville with her husband, daughter, and two cockapoos, Elvis & Emmy.


    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • Weight Loss Management Specialist
    • ​Best-Selling Author
    • ​Podcast Host
    • Professional Speaker
    • ​Addictions Counselor
    • ​Psychology Degree
    • ​Certified Healer


    I would be more than happy to address any questions you have regarding the retreat over email, or phone call, or over video!


    DAY 1

    You step off the airport shuttle to the quaint boutique Hotel Villa Serena. The sun is warm on your face and the smell of salty ocean air fills your nose. Through the doorway entrance of the hotel, you can see the vibrant blue ocean as the sound of gentle waves fill your ear. Immediately, your body relaxes, your jaw unclenches, your heartbeat slows, and for the first time in forever, you feel serene. 

    We greet you at the doorway entrance, welcoming you to the retreat. We invite you to leave all your worries and responsibilities at the door, and step into the hotel to take the next few days just for you. 

    We encourage you to run around the hotel as if you were a little kid again, exploring a new exotic place. Your goal is to find the room with your name on the door. 

    We will then meet and reset from your travels. We will take deep belly breaths, and then share our challenges we faced in getting to the retreat, inviting you to do the same. You will indulge in a gourmet dinner, made on-site by private chefs. 

    Afterwards, you will claim your "I am" and write it on each mirror in your room. We will conclude the night with Goodnight Gratitude, sharing with each other the things from the day that we are grateful for.
    DAY 2

    You will wake up on Friday to the sound of ocean waves and step out of your bed to walk to the Shala for morning Yoga. You have a smile on your face as your mind and body relaxes. When you come back to the hotel, a fresh, healthy breakfast is ready for you to dig into. You will share what you are grateful for, and set your intention for the day, rejoicing in the newness of the morning. 

    We will have our Nourishing Nutrition workshop, where you learn how to nourish your body as God's temple, and come up with practical recipes you can go home and utilize in your busy everyday life

    You will take a mindful walk out to the beach, feeling the warm sand between your toes, where we teach you an exercise called "Waves of Possibility." You will run into the ocean, against the waves, as you tap into the fact that every storm in life happens for you and not to you. As you feel the waves crash, you will remember how storms are apart of life, and that you can be in the storm, but the storm does not have to be in you. 

    After that, you will write your I am in the sand, as big as you can. You will then run as fast as you can to your I am, wanting it with your entire body, mind and soul, keeping in mind that you have fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith.

    We will then make our way to a mindful lunch at the hotel. We will teach you how to actually taste your food, enjoying all the flavors and textures of what you are eating

    You will then have the opportunity to do something luxurious you would not normally do at home. Take a nap on a seaside hammock, go for a swim in the oceanside private pool, read a book, etc!

    We will meet back for dinner, and afterwards do an "I Am" visualization.

    DAY 3

    Your Saturday morning will begin with beachfront Yoga at the Shala, and a breakfast with gratitude and intention setting for the day. 

    You will then learn how to "Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First." We will teach you how to stop starting in your life and how to stay on track when life throws curveballs at you.

    After, you will nourish your body with another mindful lunch. 

    We will then go on an Island Excursion, kayaking to a private island across from the hotel. The waves will gently carry you as you paddle through the shimmering waters, taking as much time as you need to get there.

    We will come back to the hotel and eat dinner, trying a new local delicacy of choice.

    We will then do our "Come As You Are" session, sharing with you about our faith, and the hope we have found in our lives, inviting you into forgiveness, healing, peace and love in your life from this point on.

      DAY 4

      You will wake up on Sunday and attend another beachfront Yoga session at the Shala. You will enjoy a delicious breakfast spread, share what you are grateful for, and set your intention for the day, which has become an effortless habit in just the few days you have been with us.

      We will have an "active meditation" session, where you go on a walk on an private seven beach trail.  The palm trees will gently wave in the wind as the sun shines warmly on your skin. The sound of exotic birds chirping will make your heart sing. You will focus on walking one foot in front of the other, as if you are taking one step after another to be the woman God created you to be.

      Afterwards, you'll mindfully enjoy every bite of your lunch.

      You will then have the opportunity to have a seaside One-on-One session with Lisa, as she guides you in transforming your life beyond the retreat.

      Following that, we will have dinner, and make our way out to the Shala for a dance party. You will dance as if nobody is watching, closing your eyes, moving your body in an unihibted way, like you haven't done for years.

      Afterwards we will have an Q&A reviewing all that you have discovered.

      DAY 5

      You will wake up on Monday to a farewell breakfast, and share the part of the retreat that was most valuable to you. 

      As you exit the hotel, the ocean expanse behind you, you will feel at peace, your oxygen mask securely fastened, ready to step back into your roles and responsibilities with a new vigor, waking up every morning excited to be the woman God created you to be, knowing in your heart that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

      Retreat itinerary subject to change

      DON'T WAIT!


      Your order is 100% Secured


      "Exceeded my expectations!"
      I highly recommend Lisa Ceizyk! She is a great motivator and she is exceptionally good at working to understand you and your lifestyle, developing a customized (not cookie cutter!) plan for you, and motivating you to exceed your own expectations. Lisa is your personal cheerleader every step of the way and if you take a wrong turn, she helps you understand why." 
      Jaime W.
      "Lisa's program is a journey to last a lifetime!” 
      "Lisa Ceizyk is more than a trainer. Her program is more than just a workout for your body. It’s a workout of your mind, body & spirit. It’s the trifecta of achieving your goals & inner peace. Individually your mind, body & spirit will provide some fitness improvement but together they will crush your fitness goals & change your life. Lisa helped me truly understand this because she is a healing trainer. Her program is not an overnight sensation or a 6 week’s a journey to last a lifetime.
      Vannessa P.
      "I am safe in my body and forever grateful for Lisa's program!"
      This last week was hard. Life was hard, for multiple different reasons. It was hard, and I still found joy and gratitude. It was hard, and I didn’t spiral out of control and derail my day to day life. I found time to love and found myself even closer to my husband after it. I am safe in my body, and I am forever grateful for the work we did together. I love you so much, Lisa!!!"
      Chelsea L.





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